Our Company

SCA - Sociedade Comercial de Alumínios Lda., is located in Nogueira da Maia, Maia municipality, and is mainly engaged in the sale of aluminum profiles and accessories. SCA currently has warehouses in Maia and in Braga, strategically located to better coverage of the entire northern Portugal, and has more than 20 employees.

Over the years of existence, SCA tried to follow a strategy specially targeted for quality, counting on a constant global demand policy of quality in its products, services, procedures and ethical behavior..

The positioning of SCA directed towards innovation, has been projected to think in development of new products in order to follow the new necessities and trends emerging in the market. To do so it features a number of products adapted to all the needs, and various solutions for the most varied requirements.

SCA is distinguished by IAPMEI as PME Líder since 2009, the year from which also became certified by APCER, complying with the requirements of norm NP EN ISO 9001:2008.

SCA profiles own certificates for anodization (Qualanod) and lacquering (Qualicoat), thus ensuring certified quality at the surface treatment of its products.